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The Fires of Heaven (The Wheel of Time – Book 5)

Posted by Max Bellmann

Written by Robert Jordan, published in 1994. Summary and review.

The 5th installment of the Wheel of Time! And we’re not even halfway! Right out, I’ll say I enjoyed this book more than The Shadow Rising, which I read back to back. The Fires of Heaven was just easier to follow, and I thought, had a more linear story (less dreamworld and flashback to ancient times scenarios – still some, just less).

We’ve got the old Amyrlin Seat ousted from her position and on the run which has split the Aes Sedai into two factions (essentially) those in favor of Rand, and those not in favor. Meanwhile we have Rand training with ex-forsaken (possibly still forsaken but just lacking powers) Asmodean (love this dynamic… scared with how it may end), Lanfear still in love with “Old Rand” Lews Therin (and now watching everyone via the dreamworld), and so much more.

We’ve got deception and sexual trickery with Lord Gaebril and Queen Morgase (and several other high ladies). He’s actually forsaken Rahvin, and Rand’s new enemy, and has dick-whipped Queen Morgase and Grima Wormtongue’d her. Pretty impressive fellow. Though we’re not supposed to like him. He bad, real bad, Joe Jackson.

Nynaeve spends all her time in Tel’aran’rhiod (aka dreamland) and dukes it out with Moghedien, another forsaken.

Rand is still trying to unite the Aiel, which doesn’t exactly work as half those fools are following the defector Couladin. Which leads to an epic fire-fight. Except I felt like it was kind of a weak battle scene. I mean we get some cool lightning strikes from Rand… but it felt so hyped up for such a short and meh battle.

We also get a lovers quarrel with Rand and Lanfear. He straight up tells her he ain’t gon’ love her, and she basically says if I can’t have you, no one can. Therefore die! Only, we know Rand doesn’t die. That said, in a twist we do get some deaths. MAJOR deaths. So much so I still don’t believe it’s real. Time will tell though.

We do get quite the battle at the end of this book with Rand and Rahvin (and Nynaeve).

Sadly, our boy Perrin is pretty much absent from this book as his story in the Two Rivers is on pause… though we did get quite the breakdown of him in The Shadow Rising.

TLDR: An excellent book in the WoT saga, one frankly I’d like to read again. Jordan might go a little overboard on sexualization of the ladies in this book, but the events and storylines of our main stars are excellent, deep, and intertwined… just the way I like it. Highly Recommend. 5/5 Stars.

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