About Me

Welcome to Bellmann’s Bookshelf, a personal book review blog courtesy of yours truly, Max Bellmann. I grew up an avid reader, but admittedly lost that spark for many years. However, in the last few months that has rekindled with a vengence and my book consumption has absolutely sky rocketed. And so I’ve embarked on a journey to build a repository with digestible reviews and/or thoughts on the books I’m reading.

I am not a writer, English major, publisher, or frankly involved in anyway with the industry. However, I’m reading a ton and have my views… which I aim to share here. Perhaps you’ll find them enjoyable.

What you’ll find in the coming posts are my personal reviews of the books I’ve been reading. There is no “plan” for this site. I tend to bounce around and mix and match my choices; however, I do tend to prefer a few particular genres. What you are likely to find at Bellmann’s Bookshelf have more emphasis on Fantasy, Murder Mystery, True Crime, and Self-Improvement. Not to say I’ll read and review only those things… but my preferences are my preferences. And who knew libraries would lend you all kinds of books for free!

I’ll also be creating my own must read lists, Bellmann’s Bookshelf presents Bellmann’s Book Club. I hope to bring a different perspective than out-of-touch billionaire Oprah and Oprah’s Book Club. I also hope to bring a different persepctive than out-of-touch and near-billionaire/Hollywood elite Reese Witherspoon and Reese’s Book Club. I’ve read some of their picks, and while it’s not all bad, it doesn’t exactly line up to my personal preferences, nor what might generally align with that of a midwestern nerd and elder millennial.

Fun Facts! I am from Kansas City, have a beautiful wife Leena, and a cat named Arnie.